Bus Ads

Introduction to the Technical Side of Bus Ads

Resonance Marketing is a pioneer in the field of advertising on buses in Canada. We have experience in this field that is unmatched by anyone in the industry. Resonance Marketing offers exclusive geographic advertising options in this media that is very effective as it provides with greater dispersion and reach of your advertising campaign.

Resonance Marketing advertising campaigns can be conducted on buses for single or multiple products. A bus has static exposure while at bus stops and mobile exposure while on the move. It improves the value one gets for one advertising dollar by presence at multiple locations.

Bus Ads Samples

There are several types of ads that can be placed on buses, including:

  1. Full bus wrap: A full wrap covers the entire bus and can feature large images or designs.
  2. Partial bus wrap: A partial wrap covers a portion of the bus and can include images or designs.
  3. Interior ads: These ads are placed inside the bus and can include posters, decals, or digital screens.
  4. Exterior ads: These ads are placed on the outside of the bus and can include posters, decals, or digital screens.
  5. Bus shelter ads: Ads can be placed on or in bus shelters, which are often located at bus stops.
  6. Bus stop signage: Signs can be placed at bus stops to provide information about routes, schedules, and nearby attractions.
  7. Transit station ads: Ads can be placed in or around transit stations, which can include train stations or bus terminals.
  8. Digital ads: These ads can be displayed on digital screens inside or outside of the bus.

The type of ad that is placed on a bus will depend on the advertising campaign, the budget, and the target audience.