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1. Can you give us a comparative pricing of all three OOH mediums – Bus advertising, -in-Cinema and in-Theatre Advertising?
It varies between projects. Please call our office for a detailed quote.
2. How would my ad be designed?
Resonance Marketing has its own creative team that will give you several options to choose from. Our team will work closely with you to understand your requirements and ensure that your Cinema ad, in-TV Ad or Bus ad reaches its full potential!
3. Is there a minimum number of ad spots that I need to book with you?
Yes, this will depend upon the length of your campaign, goals, and what time length or size ad you are going with. Our team will be happy to walk you through this, for long and short runs of your campaign.
4. How will I be charged?
Resonance Marketing will bill you on a monthly basis. The first month you will receive 2 invoices, one for the production of your ads and one for the first month's media. After that you will be charged monthly.
5. When should I start planning my campaign?
As early as possible! This allows ample time to create your advertisement. Generally the lead time is two weeks between art work and execution/installation.
6. When would the result show on sales?
One month to two years! Book your ad with us for at least three months for the results to show in your sales pick-up.
7. Can I calculate my Return On Investment (ROI)?
ROI is the most difficult aspect of advertising to measure when using any form of mass media. One thing that is proven is Outdoor Advertising's CPM (Cost per thousand impressions). No other medium comes close to offering the amount of impressions on a per dollar basis! However what could really persuade you are the testimonials of our current and past clients.
8. Am I able to select the cinema halls, the TV channels or the bus routes on which my campaign will run?
No. This is the bus owner's discretion. And even if we were to give you this option, it won't be useful as you need the bus to cover the longest route to get the frequency of views you need for your ad to be successful.
9. What if my bus ad fades way in the sun?
Your ad will be laminated to keep it looking its best throughout the year. It will be periodically checked by our staff to ensure there is no fading. If they spot anything amiss, we will replace the bus ad at no extra cost.
10. Can I advertise on the inside of the buses?
Definitely! We have ad space on the interior of all of our buses. Our representative would be happy to discuss all options and their charges with you.

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