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A full opportunities for Making publicity

A mass transit mode like a bus offers unlimited advertising opportunities to clever marketers.

Recently, Cadbury's popular biscuit brand Oreo rolled out an "Oreo Togetherness Bus" that offered a lively platform to parents and children to spend some happy family moments together.

The bus came loaded with games, photo opportunities, a cookie corner and more and was stationed at the major entertainment hubs of New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Pune, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Mysore. As part of the execution, various fun activities, involving children and their parents were organized in and around the bus based on Oreo's "Twist-Lick and Dunk" theme.

The parents were also encouraged to take the 'Oreo Pledge,' i.e. "spend more time with their children," and the children were encouraged to 'Like' Oreo's facebook page. Inside the bus, an Oreo passport was handed over to all participants on completion of every 'Oreo ritual' with their parents.

Believe it or not, now the advertiser will pay for your movie ticket. Recently, in Kerala a producer of a mainstream movie decided to experiment with something called a "sponsored film."

For the first time in India, "Test Paper", directed by S Vinod Kumar would be screened free-of-cost for movie goers in selected theatres across Kerala. S Manoj Kumar, the movie producer told media persons that the cost of the film screening would be offset by in-cinema advertisement.

He said, they are mainly targeting local advertisers rather than big brands and the response so far, has been extremely encouraging. Unlike in-TV advertisements that are run in between the soaps, in-cinema advertisements are played out in the beginning of the screening and during the interval, hence are perceived to be a far less obtrusive medium of advertising.

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